What are Free iPod Redeem Codes used for?

You can use Free iPod Redeem Codes to purchase unlimited music, tv shows, full-length movies, music videos, apps and more off the iTunes Store. What you do is look on the back of your Free iPod Codes and you should see a 12 digit code, when you type the code into the iTunes store Apple credits your account with the money.

How does this work and is this legal?

If you follow the directions below there’s a site that will EMAIL you these Free iPod Redeem Codes! This site called Points2Shop orders the Free iPod Codes from and sends them to you via email!

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Is there proof that this works?

Yes! Thousands of gamers use Points2Shop to get Free iPod Codes, iPods, iPhones, Microsoft Points, Xbox Live, PSN Codes, Wii Points, Amazon Gift Cards, and pretty much anything from!